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[Download] The 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani

The 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani

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If you could practice ONE thing every day that would create the most radical transformation in your life – what would it be? This could be the answer…

The 6-Phase Meditation is a critically acclaimed Quest from Mindvalley, and we’d like to give you instant access to it – completely free.

Designed by Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani based on his own daily practice, it’s a distillation of hundreds of the world’s most powerful personal growth books. And is designed for remarkable transformation in minimal time.

This Quest (based on scientific studies from several major universities) teaches you an effortless system to:

  • Boost your happiness by 20% or more
  • Condition your brain to experience more compassion
  • Envision your perfect day in vivid, high-definition detail
  • Amplify your energy and enjoy better health

…and much, much more.

What You’ll Get When You Sign-up Below:

We’re giving away this program to say “thank you” to our 2 million subscribers for all your support and to help empower you to live your best life.

So, thank you 🙂

To get access and download your copy of The 6 Phase, enroll below and then access it on Mindvalley’s Online Learning Platform or App.

1. Seven Day Course

A seven-day Quest that guides you through every part of The 6 Phase Meditation philosophy.

2. Warm Up Training

60-minute warm-up training sessions to deepen and perfect your 6 Phase Meditation practice.

3. Meditation Audio

Guided meditation audios for each part of The 6 Phase Meditation, plus one to use after the Quest.

Designed for Transformation. Backed by Science.

Based on the distillation of hundreds of personal growth books and the latest scientific studies, The 6 Phase Meditation Quest is a meditation process – made simple. So simple, you only need 7 days to master it.

Now enjoying the scientific aspects of meditation and living your busy lifestyle just go hand in hand. The practice was designed by entrepreneur, meditation instructor, and computer engineer Vishen Lakhiani, who developed the method as a personal tool to manage his own busy lifestyle which working in Silicon Valley in 2002 to 2004. Vishen success with the 6 Phase lead him to found Mindvalley, considered the most innovative company in the transformational field and a pioneer in mindfulness education. Through Mindvalley Vishen also founded the popular festival A-Fest, the Mindvalley Quest app, the Omvana meditation app and the alternative University model, Mindvalley U.

Vishen’s life story and ideas on human transformation for the subject of the New York Times, best-selling book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”, which went on to be translated into 20 languages and became the #1 most read book on for several days in 2017.

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder, Mindvalley

The Buzz On The 6 Phase Meditation Quest

Here’s What Our Students Are Saying….

“One of the most powerful meditations I have ever practiced”

A wonderful daily affirmation. This is by far one of the most beautiful and, most powerful meditations I have ever practiced.

Luminita Saviuc

Author and blogger behind

“This practice extends you to better yourself in a way I’ve never encountered”

Nothing I’ve done has been more thorough and complete. This practice extends you to better yourself in a way I’ve never encountered.

Chris Holder

Whole Life Challenge Blog “How the 6 Phase Transformed My Life

“The 6-Phase meditation has been transformative for me”

The 6-Phase meditation has been transformative for me. With each day, I have found greater focus, ease of soul and alignment with my true self.

Jennifer Wei

Screenwriter, yogini, aerialist

“I still do the 6 Phase Meditation every morning”

The most powerful meditation no one is talking about.”

Daniel Karim

Psychologist, blogger at

The 6 Phase Meditation’s Growing Popularity

Amazon’s #1 Bestselling Book

The 6 Phase Meditation was first revealed in Vishen’s book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” – now an NYT bestseller, and Amazon’s #1 book for several days in 2017.

1 Million Views And Counting

Vishen presented The 6 Phase Meditation at the Wisdom 2.0 Europe event in Google HQ. The recording has now been viewed over 1 million times. Watch here.

Used By The World’s Top Music Artists

The artist Miguel recently shared with Billboard Magazine that he has been using the 6 Phase Meditation to connect with his fans before each show as a way to incorporate his personal habit of meditating into his professional life.

Used by America’s Pro Athletes

Vishen teaching The 6 Phase Meditation to NFL legend Tony Gonzalez. It is now widely used as a performance enhancer by NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes.

Here’s What’s Included

(Plus a little something extra)

6 Phase is made available on Mindvalley’s Quest Learning platform. Quest results in some of the highest completion rates in the industry using the concept of engaging micro-learning.

When you sign up you get the entire program available in your Mindvalley account.

Listen and learn on your mobile, desktop, tablet or Apple TV.

Course Outline

Getting Started

The Truth about Meditation (16 mins) and Introducing The 6 Phase Meditation (27 mins).

Day 1: Compassion

The Circle of Compassion Technique followed by a meditation (8 mins).

Day 2: Gratitude

The Gratitude Technique followed by a meditation (8 mins).

Day 3: Forgiveness

Practising Forgiveness (17 mins) followed by meditation (10 mins).

Day 4: Envisioning the Future*

Learn the Envisioning Technique (16 mins) followed by meditation (13 mins).

Day 5: Your Perfect Day*

Learn the Perfect Day Technique (7 mins) followed by meditation (14 mins).

Day 6: The Blessing*

The Blessing Technique (6 mins) followed by full 6 Phase Meditation (15 mins).

Day 7: The Values behind this Program*

An exploration of the Unity Value (7 mins) followed by the Full 6 Phase Meditation Track (15 mins).


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