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[Download] Andrew Hansen & Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy

Andrew Hansen & Sara Young - Digital Worth Academy

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Earn An Income & Build Wealth With Your Very Own Digital Asset

When You Join Digital Worth Academy You’ll Receive…

1. Digital Asset Blueprint: Lifetime access to all 6 sections, more than 30 modules and 150 “over the shoulder” videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch. (Value: $999)
2. 6 Months Business Coaching: Sara and Andrew along with their team of coaches guide you by hand through the setup and establishment of your new business via live webinars, one on one chats, a support desk & forums. (Value: $3,999)
3. Commission Wizard V2.0 Software: How we immediately find profitable commercial opportunities for our digital assets in even the biggest markets. (Value: $299)
4. DKM Elite Software: The tool that automatically finds “corners” of your market where easy traffic and revenue are available. (Value: $299)
5. Profit Calculator Software: A way to see the monthly revenue potential of any “corner” in your market, so you know whether you should go after it, and how much money it could be worth. (Value: $199)
6. DW Community Access: With our highly interactive members area, private Facebook group and forum, you’ll build your professional network and meet real friends as you help each other succeed at this new venture. (Value: $699)
7. Outsource Staff Rolodex: Access to a list of our own verified staff members who can help you complete tasks that will accelerate your results. If you don’t have time to complete tasks on your own, the team can help complete them for you. (Value: $497)

You’ve seen their success stories… now it’s time to start yours…

Eben Sold for $56,000 – “Now I can give them the things in life they deserve”.

Catherine’s earning $3,500/mo“I spend 1-3 hours a few days a week “working”

Nathan’s earning $2,500/mo working 1 hour a month – “I’ve gained my life back”.

Sharon earned $3,799 last month “My friends are now envious!”

Matt sold for $50,000“The freedom to do what I want to do”.

7 Key Reasons To Secure Your Digital Worth Academy Membership…

1. You get every single thing you need to build a business and income like this for yourself. Nothing “missing”, no mysterious part left uncovered.

2. We hold your hand through the entire process. You can never get stuck, never fall behind. We are always there to help. We will force you across the finish line!

3. You are getting powerful custom software tools not available to the public. You will have the unfair advantages previously only possessed by experts and large agencies.

4. There are no “upsells” and nothing else to buy. Everything you need to make this work are behind the login screen of Digital Worth Academy.

5. You do not need prior experience or technical skills to start this business. If you follow our steps, you will learn as you earn.

6. It has worked for so many other people. If you’re ready to work at this, there’s no reason it can’t work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once I’m in the program, what other expenses will there be?

A: You’ll have to invest $11 in a domain name, $5/mo for web hosting, and $37/mo (minimum 1 month) for a research tool we recommend. On top of this there are no expenses considered compulsory, even though we will show you investments that can be made to accelerate your progress.

Q: How much time will I have to spend on this to see results?

A: The short answer is: We recommend minimum an hour a day getting started. You will learn ways to accelerate your progress by strategically investing in it instead of spending your time, but in general, in the beginning, the more you can work on your asset the faster it will progress.

Q: I’ve never done any of this before. Is Digital Worth Academy right for me?

A: Digital Worth Academy shows you the entire process of building a digital asset from start to finish with nothing omitted. Even though prior experience (say with WordPress, or doing keyword research) will help it’s in no way necessary to make a success with this business.

Q: What happens if I get stuck during the program?

A: We’re here to help, in more forms than you will ever need. This is a coaching program, not a course. Sara, Andrew and a team of qualified coaches are there to help you work through any issues you need, until you reach your goals.

Q: How long will I have access to the materials?

A: You’re purchasing lifetime access to the Digital Worth training, and that’s what you’ll get. Oh, and we’ll update it

periodically, and you’ll get access to those updates as well!

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