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[Download] Ecom Wizards Blueprint by Otis Coleman

Ecom Wizards Blueprint by Otis Coleman

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The Ultimate Course
  • 100+ Ecom Video Tutorials
  • ​12 Hours Of Content
  • ​$0 To $100k Case Study Store
  • Live Q & A Sessions
  • ​Exclusive FB Group
  • ​Copy & Paste Templates
  • ​Lifetime Access & Updates
Stop Wasting Time And Money Using Outdated Methods That No Longer Work!
This blueprint contains an A-Z “course” section with the most up to date material necessary to crush dropshipping in 2020. No need to guess on methods which haven’t been proven any longer.

Not only that, you’ll also have access to the “case study” section which details how I took a new store that I took from $0 to over $100,000 in just 20 days. Ad copies, targeting, product and more are all revealed!
 A-Z techniques
The Ecom Wizards Blueprint consists of simple A-Z techniques that are battle tested and easy to follow with proof. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or have experience, this course contains it all. From setting up a converting website, to scaling into 5 figure days and more. Our exclusive Facebook group is where you can ask any questions you have on your Ecommerce journey!

Here’s what you get access to inside:

Proven 6 figure systems
These methods are proven with multiple 6 figure stores and students. You can follow everything step by step
0-$100k Case Study
See how I scaled a new store from 0 to over 6 figures in just 20 days. From the website, to ads and more
Copy & Paste Templates
You won’t have to type all the time consuming typing. I have done the heavy lifting for you
Direct Access To Me
Get access to the exclusive FB group for members only. Also Bi-Weekly Q & A’s to answer any question you need solved

Course Content

  • Section 1 (Mindset) – Here you’ll learn about the exact mindset you need to succeed in eCommerce. If you believe it, you can achieve it
  • Section 2 (Creating A Store) – Learn how to design and market a profitable store on Shopify. Step-by-step tutorials to follow along.
  • Section 3 (Product Research Blueprint) – I show you 10 different product research methods that I use to find 6 figure winning products.
  • Section 4 (Facebook Ads Basics) – Get familiar with your business manager and learn to navigate around. Understand the basics before we move onto advanced
  • Section 5 (Facebook Ads Testing) – Unravel the exact testing strategy I use to identify winning products. From targeting, to countries and more.
  • ​Section 6 (Facebook Ads Scaling) – Master scaling your profitable ads to take your store to $10k+ days. See exactly how I did it on the case study store.
  • Section 7 (Email Marketing) – Generate extra profits with email marketing. You must not neglect this part if you want to make thousands more on autopilot.
  • Section 8 (Growing Your team) – Start to automate your store and learn how to hire/run a team. This allows you to focus on the money tasks.
  • BONUS SECTION (Case Study) – See behind the scenes exactly how I scaled from $0-$100,000 in just 20 days on a store.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I Have Made Some Sales Online, Can This Help Me Get More?

Yes, most certainly! If you’re someone who understands dropshipping or has experience, you will likely grasp methods even easier! These systems can take you from 0 to over 6 figures and they’re battle proven for 2020. There’s step-by-step tutorials which you can follow to achieve your ecommerce goals and a case study which shows you exactly what I did to generate over $100,000 in just 20 days on a new store.

 I Have A Full Time Job, Can I Still Be Successful?

I started my first ecommerce store when I had a full time job. It comes down to how bad you want to be successful. For me, I used to finish work, rest, eat and then work on my own business in the late evening. Even if it’s just 1 hour per day, its more than enough to compound towards achieving your goals. The Ecom Wizards Blueprint can be accessed wherever you are, as long as you have a computer or mobile device. So you may want to watch it while travelling to work, or even on your break.

 Will I Receive Lifetime Access + Future Updates?

100% Yes. Everyone who enrols in the blueprint will receive lifetime access. Not only that, any future updates that I make you will receive automatically. That way, you’re always up to date with the latest methods I’m using. I dedicate a fair portion of my time to ensure my students are satisfied and confident on their ecommerce journey.

 I know nothing about Ecommerce or Facebook ads is this for me?

If you don’t have experience with ecommerce or Facebook Ads, this course is perfect for you. It caters to both beginners and advanced students. It contains easy to follow course material that helps you grow every step of the way. We all have to start somewhere in our journey. it’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish. There’s a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have, and I can put my name on it that you’ll receive an answer from me.

 How Is This Program Different From Any Others?

The Ecom Wizards Blueprint is different to any other due to it’s combination of both intensive A-Z material and a proven case study. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands testing and learning what works in ecommerce. With the course material, you can learn everything necessary to become a successful dropshipper in 2020. Not only that, you can see first hand behind the scenes how I implemented these methods to take a store from 0 to 6 figures.

One common problem I’ve noticed is most courses either offer simple outdated material or provide a case study. When you have simple course material, it can be hard to apply this knowledge alone. Conversely, when you have a case study, it can be hard to understand why things are done. That’s why I’ve provided BOTH, so you understand why to do it, and how do it. In essence, you get the best of both worlds.
My tight knit private blueprint group is the perfect place to mix with like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same passion as you. You can post any questions in the group and sure enough I will reply! Not only that, but I host bi-weekly LIVE Q n A streams where you can ask any further questions to help level up your dropshipping game. I pride myself on being there for my students, every step of the way.

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