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[Download] How To Launch and Grow a Premium Pet Business LIVE 2020

How To Launch and Grow a Premium Pet Business LIVE 2020

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What you’ll learn

  • How to launch a premium dog walking business
  • How to grow a premium dog training business
  • How to transform a premium dog grooming business
  • How to grow a doggy daycare business


  • You must run a pet business
  • You should need marketing help for your pet business


Do you dream of quitting the rat-race and starting your own premium pet business?

Are you sick of the 9 to 5 existence and are you desperate to turn your passion for pooches into a profitable business?

Are you worried about launching a pet business during a recession, or do you already have a pet business and are struggling since lockdown?

Leaving your steady job and starting a dog walking, dog grooming or dog training business can be incredibly stressfull, and no matter how much you love pets, the truth is it’s hard to make any money if all you do is copy the other (average) pet business in your town.

The way to stand out from the competition (and ensure your pet business is a success) is to follow the road less travelled and create a ‘premium pet business from day one.

That’s exactly what I did with my own pet business in 2011, and it’s the tried and tested formula I’ve taught to hundreds of my pet business owning coaching clients, all over the world.

Now, for the first time ever you can get access to my secrets with the release of the ‘How to Launch and Grow a Premium Pet Business’ LIVE seminar.

In this exclusive training, you will discover;

How to charge premium prices for your pet services (and how to increase prices without losing clients)

How to stand out from the ever growing competition (and create an uncopyable ‘premium’ pet business)

How to create a tribe of affluent dog owners who always refer you to their dog owning friends (this was you have a steady stream of inquiries coming through the door)

How to use ‘offline’ marketing methods that connect with local dog owners (so you STOP wasting countless hours on social media)

How to protect your pet business against future lockdowns so you can continue to grow through the recession (this is the exact same thing I did when I launched during the last recession in 2011)

Your teacher for this course is the Dom Hodgson, the author of the pet business bibles Walk Yourself Wealthy and The Ultimate Pet Business Plan, and is widely regarded as the worlds leading pet business coach.

Dom will take you by the hand and guide you through the exact steps you need to take to create your own, dream pet business that is sustainable, fun AND profitable.

Lets get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Dog walkers, or those thinking of starting a dog walking business
  • Dog Trainers who want to learn about marketing so you can better grow your business
  • Dog groomers who want to grow your dog grooming business
  • Pet Business owners who want to attract better clients

Course content

4 sections • 18 lectures • 1h 57m total length


  • How I went from local dog walker to pet industry leader
  • 03:36
  • Why you should start a pet business?
  • 05:32
  • The Three Ways you can grow your Pet Business.
  • 07:21
  • Five Keys to Success in your Pet Business 1 (Price)
  • 07:49
  • How to increase your prices without losing clients.
  • 08:19
  • How to launch a Premium Pet Business and the Psychology of Pricing.


  • 07:56
  • Positioning – How to position yourself as the best Pet Business in your town?


  • 01:40
  • How to position yourself as the ‘Expert’ Pet Professional in your town.
  • 09:21
  • Ten simple positioning strategies for pet business owners.


  • 08:10
  • How to use personality to market your Pet Business.


  • 09:30
  • How to tell your origin story.
  • 02:05
  • How to use storytelling to grow your Pet Business.


  • 06:40
  • How to be specialised in your Pet Business.


  • 04:22
  • How a USP will help you grow your Pet Business.
  • 07:19
  • How to successfully promote your Pet Business.
  • 07:12
  • Why follow up is so important for your Pet Business.
  • 03:55
  • Recap of the Five Keys to success in your Pet Business.


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