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[Download] MindValley – Total Transformation Training with Christine Bullock

Total Transformation Training with Christine Bullock - MindValley

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Total Transformation Training blends high-intensity training, core workouts, and full-body strength conditioning to provide you with an extremely effective, well-rounded program that fits into any schedule.

The program was developed specifically to fit the modern lifestyle. These ten-minute workouts can be seamlessly woven into any busy schedule, performed anywhere, and require no equipment – just you.

There are seven completely different workouts combining influences from weight-training, yoga, and Pilates. You will never get bored or plateau with your results.

Total Transformation Training is for everyone, from beginners to trainers. There are plenty of safety cues, modifications, and advanced options, so that you can stay injury-free while still challenging your body.

Time is a luxury, but everyone can find ten minutes in their day to get fit, reduce stress, and increase energy with Total Transformation Training. Use the ten-minute workouts as your only daily workout or add it as an extra boost to your regular exercise routine. This program can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is a small amount of space, safe footwear, and YOU! Build one of the best life habits – taking care of your health by adding only ten minutes a day of exercise. Get ready for radical transformation in minimal time.

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