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[Download] Neel Sarode – Funnel Designer

[Download] Neel Sarode - Funnel Designer

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The #1 Course for Revolutionizing Your Funnels

Funnel Designer is the key to building better funnels faster, saving you time, making you more money, and giving your clients better results.

My name is Neel Sarode

I am the lead designer at Bank Account Builders, an agency that markets and designs for million dollar+ companies.

In the past 6 months, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to design funnels that BREAK the ugly CF standard for funnels, and have discovered the exact methods and techniques to build funnels that you can charge more money for and bring better results for your clients.

The design of your funnels directly affects your income

& your reputation too!

  • Charge more for your funnels
  • Impress and attract clients, visually
  • Convert more visitors into paying customers

What you will learn inside Funnel Designer

“As a Top 30 Clickfunnels Designer, I’m always looking to take my creative design skills to the next level. Conversion Designer is a simple yet powerful training system that gives you a noticeable edge in the marketplace. Whether you’re at the top of your game or just getting started, this course reveals some profound insights you can’t afford to skip.”

Nate Graham

ClickFunnels Top 30 Designer

1. Design Principles

Learn exactly what to keep in mind when building your funnels so users are IMPRESSED by your pages and are able to follow an easy & clear path to conversion

2. Layouts on CF

Use my exact hacks and techniques to use ClickFunnels to build funnels exactly how you want them to look (and convert)

3. CF Font Mastery

Learn how to avoid CF’s ugly headings and create beautiful, bold, and visible headings (like on this landing page)

4. Custom CSS for Dummies

Learn the basics of custom CSS I use to augment my designs even further than ClickFunnels design limitations with little to no experience (Don’t worry, I’m not a programmer either!)

5. Planning and Building, for Success

Learn my exact process from start to finish to build million dollar funnels for clients that pay what you’re worth – and how I build funnels in 2-3 days max!

6. Funnel Designer Tools & Resources

Find out the tools and resources I use on the daily to speed up my workflow and produce better funnel designs, with less time spent (The faster you work – the more money you make!)

Better funnels, better prices, better results.

With Funnel Designer, you’ll learn everything from A to Z when it comes to building world-class funnels that convert like machines

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