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[Download] Nicholas Scalice – Landing Page Masterclass

Nicholas Scalice - Landing Page Masterclass

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Course Summary
Straight-forward course on landing pages. Lots of valuable information and links to resources if you want to go deeper than this course.

Course Contents
Part 1: Introduction
Additional Resources
Welcome to the Course
Important Terms to Know
The 7 Skills Landing Page Optimizers Need to Have

Part 2: Landing Page Foundations
What is a Landing Page?
The OAT Formula
7 Questions Every Landing Page Should Answer

Part 3: Psychology of Persuasion
It’s All About “State Change”
Brain Chemicals
Psychological Triggers

Part 4: Copywriting That Converts
Landing Page Copywriting Tips
Writing Headlines That Convert
Message Match

Part 5: Design That Shines
Elements of Design
Design Tools
Examples of Great Design

Part 6: Building a Landing Page
Overview of the Buildout Process
Research, Write, Design, & Develop
Integrate, Test, & Launch
Let’s Build a Page with Unbounce

Part 7: All About Testing
Different Types of Testing
Functional Testing
Usability Testing
A/B Testing

Part 8: Ready to Optimize
Understanding Analytics
Metrics That Matter
Form Optimization
Optimizing for Speed
Optimizing for Ecommerce

Part 9: Real Landing Page Reviews
Click-Through Pages
Lead Capture Pages
Sales Pages

Part 10: Conclusion
Recap of Key Takeaways
Working with Freelancers

Here’s what you get in the Landing Page Masterclass

The videos are the heart of this course. You’ll be able to watch them anywhere, on any device. You can even speed them up if that’s your thing. Think of it like a Netflix binge, only with me… talking about landing pages.

35 Masterclass Videos

Want to connect with other Landing Page Masterclass students? The best place to do that is in our VIP members-only Facebook group. You’ll get access upon enrollment. I’m active there, too.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Have a question and want to get an answer directly from me? Upon enrollment, you’ll get 3 months of access to my group Q&A calls, where you can listen to other questions and ask those of your own.

Bi-Weekly Q&A Calls

Want to start your own side business building and selling landing pages? Learn how to do exactly that, in this 5-part bonus video module.

BONUS: How to Sell Landing Page Services

Nicholas’ feedback on my landing page (as well as what I’ve learned from his podcast) not only showed me the best way to get people to act. It also drove me to finally implement my first A/B test! I’m so happy with the way it turned out.


Ready to become a landing page expert?

Landing pages transformed my business—and I know they can transform yours, too.

When used correctly, they can provide an incredible way to maximize your marketing efforts without spending more on ads.

This Landing Page Masterclass walks you through the entire process of learning about and succeeding with landing pages.

Learn everything you need to know about landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization

You’ll get instant access to all 35 masterclass videos, plus my worksheets, checklists, and documents. You’ll receive an invite to join our private members-only Facebook group, and a link to attend my weekly Q&A calls where you can ask questions and get answers, LIVE.

Landing Page Masterclass enrollment is now closed. But don’t worry, doors will open again later this year. I will personally send you an email when it’s GO TIME!

Along the way, you’ll be fully supported by myself and my team, as well as by your peers in the exclusive Landing Page School community.

Sign up to get notified when the doors open to the Landing Page Masterclass and let’s convert more of your website visitors into leads and customers!

All the best,
Nicholas Scalice

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