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[Download] Peggy McColl – The Author StarterKit (UP1)

Peggy McColl - The Author StarterKit (UP1)

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“My mentor Bob Proctor taught me that successful people make decisions fast and change them slowly, if ever. The Universe loves speed. Make the decision right now that you will become a successful Author, and then do it.
Peggy McColl, Creator – The Author Starter Kit
  • Session 1: Welcome / Getting Started
  • Session 2: First Things First
  • Session 3: Why You CAN(t) Be An Author
  • Session 4: The Most Important Thing To Achieving Your Book Writing Goal
  • Session 5: How To Pick A Topic For Your Book
  • Session 6: How To Pick A Finish Date / Deadline For Your Book
  • Session 7: Two Critical Ingredients
  • Session 8: Moving Forward With Confidence
  • Session 9: Working With The Law
  • Session 10: Tune Out And Tune In: What, When, Why and How
  • Session 11: Feel The Impact
  • Session 12: Write Your Heart Out!
About The Author
New York Times Best-Selling Author

aka “The Best-Seller Maker”
Peggy McColl
Peggy McColl, holding a copy of one of the very first books she ever published.
She has written 13+ books and counting, her latest of the title “Destinies: Motivating Stories From Ordinary People Who Created Extraordinary Results”, which became an International Best-Seller the day it was published in July 2017.
Peggy is a world-renowned expert
ready, willing and able to blow you away in more ways than two:
1) She is a New York Times Best Selling Author and an internationally recognized Speaker/Author/Mentor and an expert in the area of goal achievement
2) She is a Speaker/Author/Expert in helping Authors, Entrepreneurs, Experts and Up-And-Coming Experts…
• Create valuable products;
• Build their brand worldwide;
• Make money online;
• Create International “Best-Sellers”!
Peggy McColl has earned the reputation for being the gold standard in on-line book marketing and promotion.
Her successful marketing campaigns have been praised by authors and publishers around the world and are on the cutting-edge of direct-to-consumer book promotion. They have resulted in the sales of thousands of books (not to mention millions of dollars and the transformation of lives)!
Her innovative and laser-focused work has been endorsed by some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field including…
Neale Donald Walsch
Bob Proctor
Jack Canfield
Wayne Dyer
Marianne Williamson
Jim Rohn
Mark Victor Hansen
Caroline Myss
Gregg Braden
Debbie Ford
and many others.
She is the Author of 13+ Books including:
Be A Dog With A Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams
Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions and Attract the Life of Your Dreams
21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve
The Won Thing: The One Secret to a Totally Fulfilling Life
Viral Explosions! Proven Techniques to Expand, Explode,
or Ignite Your Business or Brand Online
99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Marketing on the Internet
The Millionaire Author
Darn Easy: Work Half As Hard, Earn Twice As Much,
While Living The Life Of Your Dreams
For over 20 years, Peggy McColl has been helping people just like you become successful Authors, living their dreams.
Mick Petersen

Best-Selling Author
“Stella And The Timekeepers”
“Follow Her Advice To The Letter… I have known Peggy McColl for years. She is an amazing woman who has spent years developing herself. Then, with magical precision, she was ready and took off like a rocket. Happiness, Health and Wealth are her reward and just keep flowing her way. This lady is powerful and her information should be taught in schools. The Good Life and the way to achieve it is clearly outlined in her program.”
Bob Proctor, Best-Selling Author, “You Were Born Rich”
“By 10:30 a.m. on Target Day, the latest Converstions With God book ‘Home with God’, hit #1 overall on both and Barnes&, where it remained for three days! This was the most successful launch of ANY book I have ever written, and I am very clear what made the difference. In two words: Peggy McColl.”
Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times Best-Selling Author of the ‘Conversations with God’ series

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