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Peter Parks - Social Ads For FB Marketing

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Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What We Will Teach You…

Paid Traffic Do’s And Don’t For 2019 *Brand New* – Over the course of the last 18 months my clients and I targeted our paid traffic ads, like Adwords, Youtube, Instagram, And Facebook ads to 3.5 million self employed, small business, e-commerce, professional speakers, coaches, consultants, and all types of entrepreneurs on an average of 2.8 times per type. Can you guess if you did that what would that type of exposure do for your businesses products or services?

Remarketing Secrets – You wanna know why as soon as you click on a link to look at someones product or service you’ll see ads in a matter of hours no matter where you go? well you know those annoying ads that show up before you watch your favorite YouTube video? Well, they do indeed work and we will show you how to use them to your advantage

Powerful “Facebook Live” For Windfalls Of Profit – When this feature came out, many marketers didn’t understand the sheer power of this feature, by far this is one of the hottest features the big blue giant has ever released and Peter uses it to take full advantage of selling on the platform. Get into our private facebook group and we can teach you how to monetize it. It is the simplest way of marketing now on the platform and currently it’s FREE (but not for long)

How To Create High Converting Fanpage Its a little know secret that you can reverse engineer how to monetize your fanpage. It is a complete game changer and we will show you how to monetize it.

Advertising Research – My team and my traffic friends do all the hard work, research, and spend money promoting various new offers that come out so you don’t have to.  Just cherry pick the ones that work and you’ll see that inside the course on the webinars

“Paid Traffic Psychology” –

You’ll discover how to gather CRUCIAL intelligence on your competitors AND your ideal customers… Along with how to use this information to develop offers and ads that emotionally compel BUYERS to pull out their wallet…AND BUY YOUR PRODUCT!

NEW Facebook Frameworks And Copywriting –

you’ll discover the simple step-step process I use to consistently crank out ads that bring in over high 5 figures of revenue… The cool part about this is you do NOT need to be a great writer!

*NEW* Targeting Strategies – You’ll discover EXACTLY how we set up winning campaigns… I’ll walk you through all the settings we use from the start and explain WHY we use them this way…
Plus, you’ll see all the insider tools we use to set up and launch campaigns that will literally save you HOURS of time and countless headaches

How To Go From Obscurity To Social Media Fame – Do you know how Tai Lopez went from mobile home recluse to Social Media Maven and internet celebrity a.k.a. how to be the go-to person in your niche and other people’s niche and be everywhere that your audience is and they can’t get enough of you. Imagine, every time your prospect hits their mobile device and goes anywhere on social like Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, facebook, and snapchat they will see either your product or service or your brand and will be compelled to buy what your selling. Wanna learn how?

The Automation Process – This process is very cool and we’ll show you how in webinars how to apply it so you can use it to either help any business in any niche attract and acquire customers by leveraging automation, or you can use for your own purposes

PDF’s And Workbooks – Of course we have pdf’s and set of templates, exercises,  to help you if you like to read (its not in all modules because its not neccessary), buts it ok you can follow along, step by step, to create an advertising campaign for any niche.

Email Marketing 2.0 – Peter takes you behind the scenes with what he knows is true. Your email list is your most valuable asset and it is STILL the most lucrative form of marketing around the globe (done right). Our team sent out millions of emails last year alone and we’ll take you behind the scenes to show you some campaigns that were super profitable and why you should be using paid traffic to build your list.

CPA Marketing Distribution – The best CPA campaigns I like the most are the ones where I can “SET and FORGET” which run completely on AUTOPILOT.  I only need to set them up once using my secret strategies, you’ll see how..

Competitive Campaign Strategies –

you’ll discover how to turn your intelligence gathered in module 1 into gold…I’ll walk you through a super-simple FREE tool Facebook™ gives everyone that will select the targets that contain buyers FOR YOU…

The Art And Science Of Paid Traffic Ad Creation –

You’ll get many different “frameworks” that I use for Facebook™ ads…These frameworks allow you to quickly use the info you gathered in Module 1&2 to write ads that people LOVE…Which will generate sales profitably… AND keep your account in the good graces of Facebook™

Proven Profitability Formula –  Those numbers become the “Absolute Threshold” for your business to be successful with paid media…You’re going to use these numbers as a basis for making decisions in your campaign…

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What We Will Teach You:

Proper Scaling Formula: Everything is based on hard numbers that are easy to follow… Once you hit that $2 to $1 return mark, then you’re ready to avoid one of the worst feelings in the world which is: You get a campaign working at a small budget – say $20 per day… Then you go to scale it and you start losing money!

IF All YOU GOT WAS A SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING FORMULA?: What if all this system did was… Give you the ability to create new clients & customers ON DEMAND at a $2 to $1 return (or better)… Would it be worth it?

WIN BEFORE YOU EVEN ADVERTISE: how to determine if your advertising will be profitable BEFORE you ever spend a dime on paid traffic!

SCALING UP: You’re going to discover the inner secrets of the Facebook™ algorithm… So you can manipulate it to scale your campaigns as high as your tender little heart desires…WITHOUT losing money! In fact, you’ll be able to maintain healthy profit margins of at least $2 to $1 returns at any budget – even HIGHER than $5000/day…

Focus on the strategies and the underlying elements of successful marketing, rather than the tactics and surface level marketing practices you read about on some blog post somewhere

This process has been responsible for generating millions of leads, tens of millions of dollars in revenue for various businesses across 140 niche industries:

Proper Numbers Evaluation: I’ll show you EXACTLY how we manipulate these numbers within Facebook™ to optimize your campaign… it’s producing a MINIMUM $2 to $1 return on your ads spend! This is SUPER simple and can be done with just 15-30 minutes of your time per day…

4 Level Optimization: You’re going to learn how to scale campaigns on three different dimensions…You won’t find this training anywhere else…It’s a method that I invented and is the reason I’m able to help my clients and students get amazing (and documented) results with their campaigns…

REAL FORMULAS AND RESULTS: How to have a reliable, predictable and scalable flow of traffic that converts into clients and customers profitably!

Step By Step trainings showing you what really works for businesses and growing businesses in 2019. No hype. No fluff. No theory. Just strategies that work.

Repeatable proccesses and templates that can actually help to create profitable advertising campaigns.

What you’ll learn when you buy today…

  • Access step by step workflows and templates to powerful PPC marketing campaigns that only top pros have access to!
  • How to structure and group your PPC campaigns for lucrative markets waiting to be tapped!
  • How to track everything to optimize your ROI to stay profitable long term!
  • How to command ATTENTION-GETTING eyeballs on your ads geared to ignite sales in a very unique way!
  • The specific order of advertising campaign so you can build true relationship with your audience and get the most effective result. Use these campaigns wrong and your results won’t be the same.
  • Learn how to create ad formulas like six & seven figure business owners and break into hot markets that consistently convert!
  • How to SUPER-TARGET with Audience Definition and tune-in thousands of potential instant buyers!
  • Discover how pre-framing and pre-qualifying prospects boosts sales most marketers, affiliates, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, e-commerce owners, and professional speakers, leave on the table!
  • The number one mistake that most advertisers do while running expensive and low-converting ad campaigns and trying to run customers through the 3 stages of funnel journey that you will use to transform total strangers into loyal, high paying customers who will absolutely thank you for helping them.This is game changer and if you will get it right, it’s going to transform your business forever.

Here is Your 5-Module Course Breakdown:

MODULE 1: Formula for Optimization And Scale: 

Learn the formula for optimization and scale along with the step by step process Peter and his good friend Nick uses to take any business in any niche market and bring them customers and get results. Master these steps to become a jedi master at lead generation and customer acquisition.

MODULE 2: How To Build A High Ticket Offer Using Paid Traffic.

We’re going to show you the right way to create a full blow hight ticket offer campaign. Afraid of technology? don’t be Peter will literally share his screen along with others with you so you can follow along step by step.

MODULE 3: High Octane Affiliate Offers: 

In this module we go over a complete step by step campaign build out with a highly competitive affiliate offer. How do you become the go-to person in your niche? Start by being everywhere that your audience is. So if you understand the methodology behind this you can take the strategies and techniques and run your offers in pretty much any other niche and do it compliantly. Learn how to show up on everyone’s ocial media platform as well for just a few dollars a day.

MODULE 4: Proper Campaign Structure Part 1 

Nicholas Kusmish steps in to give you a heads up on how to structure your ad campaigns from the entire level. This is my recommendation to you, take what you learn from Nicholas and I in these videos and run with it. Execution is the key. Now that you know how to create and run a campaign, we’re going to teach you how to manage it, identify key metrics, and calculate the stats that matter.

MODULE 5: Proper Campaign Structure And Optimization Part 2

In part 2 in the 2 part series. Nicholas Kusmish steps it up and goes over structure and optimization at the adset level. When you understand both parts of these modules you will not wonder why Facebook advertisers go through the following…”there’s nothing more depressing on the face of the planet than spending advertising money and having no idea why it isn’t working. We’re going to teach you how to identify where the real problem is and how to fix it so you can turn on the faucet.

11 Full Blown Funnel Bonus Modules:

****Warning This Bonus Could Be Pulled Down At Anytime***

Website And Landing Page Critique For Members – We take you behind the scenes and watch as Peter rips apart multiple members funnels, websites, and landing pages and explains step by step how to rebuild each funnel so its performing at a high octane level. You do not want to miss this. It’s worth the price of the entire course alone. 

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