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[Download] Rudy Mawer – ROI Machines Courses

Rudy Mawer - ROI Machines Courses

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Take Your Online Business to the Next Level with a High-Performance Marketing Team Driving Your RESULTS
World Famous Facebook Ad + Funnel Agency For Scaling Cold Traffic Offers

Instead, I created a FULL course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know.
Here are the modules and lessons, worth over $2000 alone.

Lesson 1: My 2-Step Process That’s Made Over $3 Million
– Introduction to my complete growth & funnel process
– End-to-end system that can return 400% ROI in just 2 days!
– Essential elements for making the best sales funnels & systems on the planet!

Lesson 2: My Products & Funnels
– Exclusive inside look at Million $ Fitness funnels!
– Top-selling products you can use as inspiration for your own
– Eye opening methods you can apply into your funnels

Lesson 3: Crafting & Planning Your Own Product & Funnels
– Learn how to go from 0 to 1000 sales in just 10 weeks!
– Unlock the secrets of these no-fail sales funnels
– Making your own sales pipelines to sell your own products!

Lesson 4: Crafting Your Upsells to Double Your Business
– Create upsell offers that 2X your revenue!
– Learn the language that makes irresistible offers
– Position your upsells perfectly in the sales pipeline so customers buy without question!

Lesson 5: Building Your Products
– Next level market research to craft viral products
– Comprehensive product build checklist for success

Lesson 6: Crafting a High-Converting Funnel
– Secrets of sales funnels that made me millions of $
– Top ROI elements that every successful funnel needs
– Sales funnel creation checklist

Lesson 7: Simplifying The Complex Tech ‘Stuff’
– The biggest time and money sinks you should avoid
– How to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
– How to have it all done for you, for pennies on the dime.

Lesson 8: Email Marketing & Automations
– Top email campaigns that have made us over $250,000 +
– Top 5 email campaigns every business need!
– Email automations that generate sales 24/7 on auto pilot

Lesson 9: 7-Day Launch Strategy
– The single strategy that’s made us over $100,000 in a week
– Daily breakdown of a successful launch and 7 day script
– “1 Week to Win!” launch campaigns that I’ve personally used

Lesson 10: Paid Traffic Launch
– How to 10x your launch with paid traffic
– How to use Facebook ads to re-target and get crazy ROI’s

Lesson 11: Monitoring & Scaling Your Facebook Ads
– Discover how Facebook ads really work and how I used them to make millions!
– A deep dive into Facebook ads to make you an expert!
– All of Rudy’s secrets methods that have made him one of the best in the world!

Lesson 12: Retargeting Ads
– How to capture 90% of the people leaving your website!
– The best retargeting methods that get me crazy ROI’s (up to 50X ROI)
– Secret IG Swipe up re-targeting methods for 2019/2020

Lesson 13: How to Target Your Competitors
– “Steal” competition clients with laser targeting Facebook ads
– Different styles of targeting to find millions of your perfect customers
– Ninja audience research and analytics

Lesson 14: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques
– Rudy’s 5 Unique Facebook Ad Strategies
– 3 Stage Video Sales Series with Facebook ads
– Behind-the-scenes access to Rudy’s million $ FB ad campaigns!

Lesson 15: Instagram Growth Tactics
– Top 3 IG tricks that grew me to 200,000 in 12 months
– 9 Secret steps to blowing up your Instagram
– Instagram selling system that made me ten’s of thousands!

Lesson 16: Closing High Ticket Clients
– How to close $2000 – $5000 high ticket clients every day!
– Simple IG outreach script to get high ticket clients without ads!
– My Top 5 Methods to Close Over $100,000 in High Ticket Coaching

Lesson 17: Going From 100k To 1 Million + Dollars
– Building a REAL business, from 100k to 1 Mill +
– How to grow an elite team to build YOUR dream.
– Vital Aspects of Growing a 7 Figure Business (Legal, accounting, etc)

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