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Seth Anderson - The $100 Startup

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“How To Make $1,000 Per Month on Amazon Starting with Only $100” 

(In the Next 3 Months)
From: Seth Anderson
I couldn’t be more excited for you than I am today! This is the day you bet on yourself. The day you take hold of your life. The day you say “I’m in!”
And that my friend, is epic!
Seth Anderson
How Come Everybody Else Is Getting It?
It seems like everywhere you turn everybody is making money on Amazon.

Except you aren’t part of that everybody.
You know you want to sell on Amazon.
You even know that it is the single best opportunity for anybody alive right now to create a real business.
But everybody wants $5,000 to teach you how to do it.
And then you’re told you need another $5,000 for inventory.
Instead, you slave away at your job. I would say it’s Mon-Fri from 9-5 but nowadays its usually M-F from 8-6 or 7. And Most Saturdays too!
You barely have enough to pay bills. Forget taking a vacation.
And if you did, you’re now drowning in debt and have to “catch up” from all the work you missed.
Did I mention the car payment and the mortgage that’s getting out of hand?
What about health care costs and saving for your kids college? Forget it.
Life doesn’t have to be like this. Not for you.
You Can Change Your Future.
It might be difficult to believe that there really is something better for you in the future but take a walk with me for a second.

There is a saying that goes “Instead of viewing life as happening TO you, imagine that it is happening FOR you.”
Imagine for a second that your life is happening for you:
Do you want to wake up early or sleep in?
Do you want to go out to breakfast or hunker down with a cup of coffee?
Do you want to sit at home and enjoy a book or go on a hike?
Do you want to sit around the dinner table with your family or take them out to their favorite hangout?
You see, life isn’t about cars and vacations and your stock portfolio. Those things are nice but life is about living.
Don’t you want to spend more of your life living?
Amazon is the vehicle that can take you there.
Can You Really Start with only $100?
Here is the reality: There is simply more money in telling you that you need $10,000 to start an Amazon business.
Because then they can sell you a course that costs $5,000. We subconsciously determine that with a high cost there must be inherent value.
Not true. The reality is that it isn’t “sexy” to tell someone they can start for $100. This is because you can’t sell them a course for $5,000 that says they can start for $100.
We assume the value isn’t there.
But I’m here to tell you this is 100% possible.
There are products that are ALREADY PROVEN SELLERS you can begin with for only $100.
In this course, you will see the exact process used to find products, source them and SELL them on Amazon.
Since 2014 I have been private labeling and selling products on Amazon.
I started in the rat race like everybody else and a year and a half ago changed my game.
Instead of trying to find 1 or 2 products that make $10,000 per month I started sourcing the low hanging fruit.
These are products that you can get started with for only $100 and easily turn into $1,000/month income streams.
There are literally THOUSANDS of these products available on Amazon RIGHT NOW, you just need to know how to find them.
Think about this: You can start building a REAL business for only $100.
Where else can you take $100 and turn it into $1,000 OVER AND OVER AGAIN (please don’t say the casino unless you’re a professional poker player)
You could practically find that in your couch cushions! (okay not really but you get the point)
Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?
Ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for.”?
There is plenty of “free” information on the Internet about how to sell on Amazon.
So ask yourself:
How many hours do I have in the day to spend on trial and error?
How much excess money do I have to launch products that won’t sell?
How long will I stick with this if I’m having to do every single step on my own?
Wouldn’t you rather have step by step instructions on how to find the perfect product, source it and SELL it on Amazon with only $100 to start?
You can start off having confidence in your product, knowing it is already selling on Amazon.
You can take out the guesswork with solid, actionable numbers and data to back it up.
You have access to a proven track record showing you how to take the guessing out of the process.
Did I mention that NO ONE else is showing you how to get started for $100?
What Can This Look Like For You?
This is a screenshot of the very first day I went live on Amazon.

December 19th. 2014.
I was working a 14 hour day as a driver for FedEx and a 70 hour week, smack in the middle of peak Christmas season.
This day changed EVERYTHING. There was no looking back. I had made those 2 sales virtually in my sleep!
How Did That Look After 1 Year?
I went from having ZERO experience on Amazon or selling anything online and made over $316,000 in sales my FIRST YEAR!

Tell me what other business you can start today with SO LITTLE INVESTMENT and make that type of return on your money?
I don’t know of another one. If you do. Let me know.
So What Do You Get Inside This Training?
Simply put?

The Formula:
How to make your first $1,000 per month on Amazon with only $100 startup capital.
This includes 5 weeks of modules that will cover:
Module 1) How to properly get setup on Amazon for long term success
Module 2) How to pick the perfect product so you already know it is going to sell on Amazon
Module 3) How to find a great supplier to make sure you are getting a quality product
Module 4) How to make your product stand out on Amazon so it sells better than any of your competition
Module 5) How to launch your winning product to gain Amazon rank and free traffic
Module 6) BONUS (Only for those that sign up)
Introducing… The $100 Startup!
  • Short, no-fluff over the shoulder videos – no confusion or frustration trying to figure things out on your own
  • 100% newbie friendly – (but has plenty of meat for experienced marketers too)
  • Proven Method – You are seeing over the shoulder the step by step process I use to source and sell new products
  • First Adopter – NOBODY is doing this. Be one of the first.
  • World Class Support – This is what I am doing in my business NOW. Got questions? I have the answers.
  • Up And Running FAST – Dive right in and have your first product selling within a month
  • Lowest Startup Fee Ever – This is the only method to get started in a physical products business for $100
  • One Time Payment – You get FULL lifetime access for only 1 payment of $397. No recurring billing here…
1) Private Facebook Group: Immediate access to a private FB group where you will be learning right along together. I will be answering any questions you have during your training. The ability to share ideas in an environment where everyone benefits from the community knowledge.

2) Bonus List of Products Available NOW: A personally vetted list of products that can be sourced and sold now. I find so many products available during research that I simply can’t source them all.
3) 60 Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee: 60 days. Not 30. 60. You will get to see the ENTIRE system, follow all the modules, source a product, get it selling and GROWING and STILL have time to decide if this is for you.
No questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.
You see, I’m not interested in selling courses. I’m interested in making SUCCESSFUL Amazon Sellers. What is the point of providing a course that DOESN’T get you results!?
I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is.
Besides getting access to my private FB group where I answer questions every day, you will get DIRECT Skype access to me for a 1 hour session any time in the next 6 weeks.

We will cover any subject you want in depth.
Want me to go over your potential products and help pick a winner? Done.
Want me to help you find a supplier? Done.
Want me to help write your listing or do keyword research? Done and Done.
I charge clients $300 per hour for this service. You get it FOR FREE!
Why Would Someone Pay $300/HR? 

“15 Minutes to 3 X My Sales”

Seth looked over my listing and within a couple of minutes he helped me optimize my bulletpoints and advised I make a change with one of my product’s packaging. What I considered a minor change, increased my sales and allowed me to start scaling up my business. His attention to detail, experience, and knowledge on what catches a customer’s eye within the first few seconds of looking at your listing; will make all the difference in getting them to push that “add to cart” button.

Thanks Seth!
– Maurice Mejia

“From Disaster to Liftoff”

“After failing miserably on my first product I sourced from Asia, an iPhone 6 Plus case, I was down and out. I met Seth at an Amazon seller event during Happy Hour. Seth and I stayed connected and I admired his knowledge of marketing and willingness to learn and grow personally. Through discussion, Seth guided me through the challenges I was having of identifying how to promote, market, and rank my new set of products on Amazon, jumper cables. Seth extended his hand out to me, a newbie, to help lift me off the ground, and now, I own a thriving company selling on the Amazon platform.”

– Simon Conners
Remember Patrick? 

(Original $100 Startup Student)

“Profit in 60 days”

“I’m in shock! I logged in to check, expecting to see the same orders that my 3 friends made then boom, 5 orders marked as Reserved. Holy cow! Your system absolutely works. I mean, you KNOW it works but your ability to TEACH the system works! I can’t thank you enough.”

“Today is day 35 of my product being listed on Amazon. I am 2 sales away from breaking even with my initial investment and still have about 35 – 40% of my inventory for sale. Any time I can turn a profit on a new venture in less than 60 days, that’s pretty awesome.”

– Patrick Dotson
Only the FIRST 10 PEOPLE will receive access to this INCREDIBLE bonus. I simply don’t have time to be spending an hour on Skype with 100 students. This is a BONUS for those WILLING TO TAKE ACTION!

If you are still reading this, there is at least 1 of those 10 spots left. You can skip straight to the bottom of the page to sign up now so you don’t miss out.
I am a person that believes in those who DO. This bonus is for the DO’ers.
A Second Word of Caution:
This entire course is ONLY available until Sunday 11:59 PM EST. And the doors close. This isn’t some ploy. Come Monday this is closed. I only have the time to teach this course to one group at time and that group closes Sunday night.

This is a 6 week intensive training course where I will be teaching you all along the way. I simply can’t have people joining during the middle of the process, trying to play catch up.
And at this moment I have no timetable to relaunch.
I can make you a guarantee. If I do relaunch, it won’t be for $397. EVER.
This price is ONLY available THIS weekend. And then it’s gone.
So this is where you decide if you are going to take action or let this slip by.
This Is Where You Should Be Getting Excited!
Imagine this: 1 month from now your first product is at Amazon.
You are at work, slaving away. You come home to find that you’ve made your FIRST SALE!
And then your second. And your third.
You get your first payment from Amazon.
It’s MORE than your original $100. You are ALREADY making a profit.
You buy more inventory. Your next check from Amazon is 3X your investment.
You are ALREADY in the black, your inventory is paid for and you KEEP selling.
You go out and TREAT YOURSELF (you better reward yourself for being so awesome)
So now’s the time. Click the button.
Invest in YOU. Believe in YOU. YOU are worth every penny.

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