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[Download] Silva Intuition System [12 CD – 69 MP3 – 1 FLV – 2 Book – PDF]

Silva Intuition System [12 CD - 69 MP3 - 1 FLV - 2 Book - PDF]

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Imagine being able to…

Get a “gut feeling” on vivid, accurate courses of action that rocket you towards your business and career goals

Gain strong and accurate guidance to make important life decisions, i.e. marriage, career changes, investments, etc.

Use higher intelligence to create instant and lasting improvements to your relationships

Dramatically enhance your learning capacity by freely channeling a limitless sea of information into your mind

Deal with stress effectively and experience total relaxation through alpha and theta level meditation

Total intuitive living is the goal for every Silva student

Experience shows that over 97% of Silva students attain an astonishing level of intuition after just two days of our intuition training.

These extremely high success rates are a result of over decades of research and millions of dollars spent in perfecting the process of enhancing human intuition. After working with millions of Silva students of every age and demographic, we are confident that our formula is one of the most optimized, tested and effective intuition programs out there.


What You Will Learn

Recognize And Trust Your Inner Voice

Intuition is not magic. It’s a skill that can be optimized. Silva students are taught how to access their internal intuitive voice. This is the voice that you often wish you had listened to when it said, “Take the umbrella.” Learning to trust this inner voice can save you from many such mistakes. It can also be the beacon that guides you to living your life purpose.

Mental Projection & Insight

These exercises train your mind to project your awareness across time and space, to different locations.

When you master this ability, you will be able to visualize people, places, and objects with pinpoint clarity. Plant lovers can literally connect with their plants; pet owners can attune to their pet’s needs; parents can mentally relate with their children and find solutions to even the trickiest problems. The applications are endless.

Understand & Control Your Mind

Learn Silva Intuition System’s HoloViewing Technique and get insight into a given problem and how to correct it.

Then implement the correction with Silva’s Mirror of the Mind Technique, a two step process far more powerful than self-hypnosis, affirmations, or visualization alone.

Discover Your Life Purpose

Your mind may already be adept at creating “lucky coincidences” and “opportunities,” in effect pushing you towards your goals. In other words, you may already command the power of thought to influence reality.

But here’s the problem. If the manifestation goal is not in harmony with your highest good, then you may subconsciously sabotage yourself, causing failure and attracting things that are wrong for you.

Jose Silva was aware of this limitation. In the Silva Intuition System, we focus on teaching you how to use your mind to identify the right goals and stay aligned with your life’s purpose.

Assess Problems And Identify Blocks

If you want to become psychic, this is it. Our Caseworking Methodology teaches you how to access information about yourself and others, as well as to identify and interpret blocks and perform distance healing. Above all, you will learn to trust intuitive information you receive every time.

Day 1

The Basics of Intuition: Learn the effective use of affirmations and auto-suggestions. Understand the single most important habit you must adopt to discover your intuitive abilities. Review the step-by-step guide to getting the most out of meditation and set the stage for your intuitive mind.

The Long Relax Exercise: Master deep relaxation and the meditative state. Condition your physical body, thoughts, and mind for the relaxation experience. Understand your inner body responds when meditating. Establish mental markers for shorter, effective meditations. Open the doorway for deep theta meditations.

The Droplet of Source Energy Exercise: This is a humbling exercise that allows you to experience how you are connected to and One with Universal Source Energy, the energy from which everything comes and where all information exists. You will create a representation of the Spiritual You that is One with Source Energy and will help you solve problems. Learn how to discipline your imagination so you can control your intuition.

Lunch Break: Bring your own or take the opportunity to connect with classmates at some of the local restaurants.

Holo-Viewing Technique Exercise with Mental Screen: This is an emotionally and energetically infused (E2) meditation which will teach you how to manifest more of what you want as you obtain guidance from Source Energy and trust that you are moving in the right direction. It is a meditation experienced in a holographic manner where your solutions appear as if they have already happened, helping to insure their manifestation. This technique will give you an upper hand in manifesting by placing your thoughts on your “future timeline.”

Projection into Metals Exercise: Develop your clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient abilities with the sheer power of imagination, the most powerful skill in enhancing your intuition. Learn to open the door way to the fundamental levels of all physical matter and explore these levels from subjective perspective while incorporating special mind tools to enhance your imaginative experience.

Psychometry Exercise: Experience the joy and freedom of connecting with collective consciousness. The single most important step to function more effectively in the subjective dimension is to trust in your abilities. You will practice how to read energies that have been impressed on inanimate objects from previous owners. This is a dynamic, interactive group exercise that allows you to experience your intuitive abilities in a fun and lively manner.

Day 2

Connection to Purpose Exercise: Understand why so many people hate what they do because they are not living consciously or connecting to their purpose. This includes a meditation where you experience a vision of your life purpose firsthand and a discussion about how purpose does not always equal your JOB!! Discover the “Perfect Blueprint” for your life and what you need to do to achieve your desired level of perfection.

Projection to Tree/Leaves/Pet: Develop the connection between animals, plants, and humans that allows you to access information and benefit all areas of your life. You will learn the Levels of Energy Radiation by exploring plant life, thereby continuing to enhance your intuition. This is also a way to enhance The Green Thumb Effect and almost effortlessly grow beautiful flowers and plants season after season and enhance your communication and connection with your pets.

Projection into Human Anatomy: Learn the correct way to apply distance healing and visualization techniques with integrity. This is the key to developing clear vision, or clairvoyance, in order to have access to all kinds of knowledge. You will take a fascinating trip through the human anatomy from a psychic point of view and learn to apply healing.

Lunch Break: Bring your own or take the opportunity to connect with classmates at some of the local restaurants.

Orientology & Intuitive Demonstration: A video or live demonstration will be done in class using the skills you have learned. Then you will practice with your classmates. Everything you need to know for this final phase of intuitive development will be covered in the “4 steps of Caseworking,” which include: (1) The art of sending energy to others in need, (2) How to detect a health abnormality at a distance using your mind, (3) Guidelines for a physic caseworking session, (4) Experiencing the highest point of your intuition by engaging all your senses and capabilities to feel and know your recipient’s mind and body.

Seeds Of Purpose–Closing meditation: This is an E2 Mediation which means you are physically, mentally, and emotionally involved in the hologram. In this meditation your personal representation of Source Energy guides you to plant seeds along your future timeline that will flourish throughout your living experience and successfully keep you on your chosen path.


How The Silva Intuition System Was Born

Silva Intuitive training was first discovered while Jose was working with his children on maximizing memory retention.

abraham-lincolnWhile quizzing his oldest daughter, Isabel, on her history chapter, something inexplicable happened. Before he could ask the next question, Isabel interrupted and said, “Abraham Lincoln!”

He stared at her, and looked down at his book. The next question was, “Who is the 16th President of the United States?” How was this possible? How was this child, who had previously displayed no psychic or intuitive abilities, able to answer a question that had not yet been asked? Isabel herself was uncertain. All she could say was that she saw the question coming to her in her mind.

Jose knew he was on to something. What he had just stumbled on would soon be known as Theta Level Mental Programming, the formula for activating high level intuitive senses in people who otherwise displayed no intuitive abilities.

silva-wagonDr. J.B. Rhine, a leading authority in the field, dismissed him insisting that intuition was a gift and could not be taught.

But Jose Would Not Take ‘No’ For An Answer. Jose Silva knew that the best way to prove his formula would be to replicate the results. He set up a class for 30 children from his town and proceeded to put them through the same process. And sure enough…

All 30 of the children demonstrated exactly the same psychic ability! The word got around and within just a few years, he was teaching hundreds and then thousands of people – both children and adults! Half a century later, over 6 million graduates in 101 countries have been using our Theta Level Mental Programming Technology to experience total intuitive living.

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