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Vanessa Lau - BOSSGRAM Academy

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Did you know there are TONS of struggling new coaches (and this could be you, too) who are:

😭Burning out from churnin’ out content like a machine…

😭 Changing their IG bio 5x a day because they STILL don’t know how to explain to someone what they do without giving a TED talk…

😭 Spending ALL of their time watching Youtube videos and downloading IG freebies for the “best Instagram® hacks”…

ONLY to STILL be hearing crickets on the ‘gram… and worst of all, hearing crickets in their BUSINESS.


I’m Vanessa.

A business coach, content marketing expert, and a digital entrepreneur.

I’m on a mission to help struggling coaches just like you to learn how to FINALLY use Instagram® the RIGHT way to attract high-quality leads into your new business.

“I’ve got 3 paid clients for my business since starting BGA, launched an email list (now at 50 subscribers – it was at 0 before!) and even created my own FB group which is growing daily!

After joining BGA I feel on top of my Instagram® game! From a chore and a scary place, Instagram® suddenly became fun! I am now always a month ahead with my content, because I learned how to plan & batch create content that really resonates with my audience.

I constantly get DMs about the things I share, and my own clients have said they were convinced they wanted to work with me because of how confidently I showed up on my stories and in my feed.”

Mili Velikova @milivelikova Online Business Coach




Perfecting your captions, your feed, your website, or what kind of coach to call yourself means NOTHING if you don’t actually have something to SELL.

If you don’t understand your own positioning within the market, then don’t expect your followers to, either, Boo-boo!



Too many coaches get caught up being content machines and focusing on the WRONG things. This leads to burning out REAL quick without getting ANY return on effort.

The result? You disappear on the ‘gram until the next inspiration spurt hits (who can relate!?).



Being on Instagram® is great and all, but being on it TOO MUCH can also prevent you from moving forward in your biz.

Ask yourself: Do you have the necessary sales and marketing processes in place to get your followers to become CLIENTS? If not, then you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table.

If you’ve experienced at least 1 out of the 3 mistakes, we got you.

We’ve taken everything that I know from growing my Instagram® platform to 50,000+ REAL ENGAGED followers, building my business to multiple $10K+ months (scaling it to 6-figures) and packaged it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you how to organically grow on Instagram®, but also master marketing for your coaching business using the power of Instagram®.



Unlike most Instagram® courses that teach everyone and anyone how to grow on Instagram, The BOSSGRAM Academyâ„¢ is a hyper targeted program that focuses on helping new coaches stand out amongst the sea of competition. Each module is crafted with the modern day coach in mind so you will never feel like the lessons aren’t relevant to you.


What makes The BOSSGRAM Academyâ„¢ different is that it teaches you skills outside of just picking the best hashtags for your posts (yes, we cover this too). Topics like Sales funnels, Copywriting, Sales Psychology, and important lessons on fundamental marketing strategies are also covered in this comprehensive program.


The best part of The BOSSGRAM Academyâ„¢ is the opportunity to be immersed in a members-only community where you can connect with other bosses in your field. The best part? Monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Vanessa so you can get your questions answered. No Boss is left behind.

“I cannot tell you how life changing BGA has been. It is THE course and I’ve taken other courses, but this is the course that has absolutely changed my business and my life.

It has taken me to a whole other level in my business. I really solidified my business idea.

I’ve been able to grow my engagement on Instagram® instantly. My DMs get filled out all the time now and I’ve also been able to get my first two clients as a result of this course, so I’m so grateful for everything Vanessa did.

I’m so grateful for this course and if you are on the fence about it, trust me on this, just leap, take the plunge and do it.”

Milana Sarenac @milanasarenac Manifestation Coach


This is a comprehensive training program with lifetime access to 6 modules AND exclusive access to me as your coach once a month.

The BOSSGRAM Academy™ is a program that teaches you the complete blueprint on how to have a successful coaching business WHILE using Instagram® as the primary social media tool to attract and convert.

Still have some burning questions? Check out this FAQ.

Will I get access to all the materials the moment I purchase the program? How does it work?

Yes! You get life-time access to the BOSSGRAM Academyâ„¢ course material. The best part is that it’s a self-paced, self-study course so you can start and stop anytime. You will also have FREE 4-month access to the the private student community where you can jump in any time to ask your questions.

Is The BOSGRAM ACADEMYâ„¢ course right for me and/or my business?

Great question! We encourage you to message us by clicking on our chatbox in the corner of this page or email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss if BGA is the right program for you!

What if I’m busy and don’t have time to follow the program week after week?

No problem! The program is self-paced and we even have a recommended course schedule (including implementation weeks) to help you prioritize and pace yourself in this comprehensive program.

There is one catch: Your free 4-month access to the program’s private members-only Facebook community starts the moment you enroll. We give the first 4 months for FREE so you can be motivated to complete the program along side other students in the program so you can get your questions answered and feel supported. This includes your monthly group coaching calls with Vanessa. After 4 months, you can have the option to extend the community portion of the program if you wish.

Don’t worry though, you can keep ALL the course materials forever 🙂

How involved will you be as the program leader?

My involvement in the program and as your instructor is only within the office hours I give in The BOSSGRAM Academyâ„¢ Facebook group. This means you will have official, LIVE, access to me once a month to answer any questions you and other students have. This is not 1:1 coaching program and I only answer questions in the private membership group.

Do I need to already have a coaching business in order to enroll in the course?

No you do not! However, to benefit the MOST out of this course, it is recommended that you are at least interested in learning about online marketing and coaching as a business.

The purpose of this course is not only to teach you the tips and tricks on Instagram®, but it also to help you develop a business acumen so you can use social media as leverage to bring more success into your coaching practice.

Can I only pay for certain modules and bonuses seperately?

No. The course is sold as a package and pieces of it will not be sold separately.

Do you guarantee results?

My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. I cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular business result or income increase or level, and you accept and understand that results differ by each individual. Each individual’s business success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation, and a whole host of additional factors. As with any business-related program or service that you purchase, your results may vary. Like with school, the professor cannot guarantee if you will pass the course if you do not put in the work… but if you’re the true boss that I think you are, I’m positive you won’t have a problem with making the most out of your investment.

Are there refunds?

We have a DO THE WORK refund policy. This means if you do all the work, show up to the coaching calls, complete the worksheets, and send us a debrief of the key lessons learned YET you still feel unsatisfied, I will gladly give you your investment back as I run a business of integrity. But if you are someone who just didn’t do the work and can’t take 100% responsibility for your own success, then I will not give you your money back. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Earnings Disclaimer for more information on the policy.

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