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[Download] Wim Hof Method – Extraordinary in Everyone 2019

Wim Hof Method - Extraordinary in Everyone 2019

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Learn the Wim Hof Method through a series of fun, interactive weekly video lessons taught by the Iceman himself.

The Fundamentals course is an online course that teaches you the Wim Hof Method through a series of fun and easy instructional videos.

With his characteristic deep, warm voice, Wim Hof teaches you the power of the breath and cold, guiding you every step of the way on a natural path to strength, health and happiness.

Each week starts with a Group Lesson centered around a weekly theme— stress control, energy management, et cetera. Each theme highlights a different way in which WHM practice can positively impact your life. Certified yogi Mariken limbers you up with a series of stretch exercises, before Wim takes you through the techniques. You then reinforce your practice throughout the week with additional homework assignments, supplemental videos, and a workbook in which you can log your progress.

Every seven days a new set of videos is unlocked, making sure that you don’t go too hard too fast. Once unlocked, all the videos remain available to you indefinitely, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course, and revisit the material as often as you like.

As you make your way through the course, you develop a consistent practice that you can sustain on your own when the course has finished. As an additional tool, the course also comes with 10 One-on-One guided breathing sessions. These audio files can be downloaded through the WHM mobile app for WHM practice anywhere.

The Fundamentals course is a reimagined version of the Classic 10-Week Video Course.



3 Lessons 00:08:17


Free Preview

Introduction Wim Hof Method Video Course

Free Preview

Safety Video

Go Deep

4 Lessons 01:33:24

Go Deep – Group Lesson
Go Deep – Home Work
Go Deep – Stretches
Go Deep – One-On-One breathing

Stress Control

4 Lessons 01:49:36

Stress Control – Group lesson
Stress Control – Homework
Stress Control – Stretches
Stress Control – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions

Energy Management

4 Lessons 01:20:33

Energy Management – Group Class
Energy Management – Home Work
Energy Management – Stretches
Energy Management – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions


4 Lessons 01:19:02

Inflammation – Group Class
Inflammation – Homework
Inflammation – Stretches
Inflammation – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions


4 Lessons 00:53:57

Endurance – Group Class
Endurance – Homework
Endurance – Stretches
Endurance – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions


4 Lessons 01:19:27

Longevity – Group Class
Longevity – Homework
Longevity – Stretches
Longevity – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions

Under Pressure

4 Lessons 01:11:10

Under Pressure – Group Class
Under Pressure – Homework
Under Pressure – Stretches
Under Pressure – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions


4 Lessons 01:07:57

Spirituality – Group Class
Spirituality – Homework
Spirituality – Stretches
Spirituality – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions


4 Lessons 01:04:43

Creativity – Group Class
Creativity – Homework
Creativity – Stretches
Creativity- 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions

Life Adventure

4 Lessons 01:16:06

Life Adventure – Group Class
Life Adventure – Homework
Life Adventure – Stretches
Life Adventure – 1ON1 Guided Breathing Sessions

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