Klaviyo Email Training

These templates are designed to be copy and paste so you don’t need to worry about spending time writing the copy.

You will need to reformat some of these – sometimes when pasting in the formatting will be strange. I suggest pasting as text only, OR using the “remove formatting” button in Klaviyo, that looks like this:

These templates will work with other providers that are not Klaviyo, but they are optimized for Klaviyo

If you have any questions, reach out to your email provider for the quickest support – they will know exactly what you need. Just provide them the copy and explain the things you want linked, and they will be able to help you.

For all Klaviyo tags and variables, check this article here:


Just remember, that some of these will not work with the text only version of the emails. For the text only emails, the best will be to use direct links, or the {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}.

To link back to the dynamic checkout:

  1. highlight the word or phrase
  2. click on link button
  3. select link type = URL, protocol = <other>, and paste {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} into the bar


Key for this template:

  • SL = Subject Line
  • PT = Preview Text
  • Anything in red text = a note from me, do not include in your email copy
  • Anything in blue text = a link back to the store or checkout etc
  • Anything in green text = only available in HTML Format
  • Anything in orange text = for use in text only format
  • #BUTTON# = create a button

For TEXT ONLY emails:

  • left align
  • no preview text necessary
  • many dynamic tags WILL NOT work – focus on direct links or {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} so triple check your text emails to make sure they work before publishing them live


For Drag and Drop HTML Format emails:

  • center align
  • preview text highly important
  • all tags will work, including buttons etc – still double check your emails before publishing live


To create a saved block for abandoned cart/browse abandon with images + info:

Go to Flows, and select Klaviyo’s generic Abandoned Cart or Browse Abandon email sequence (this will come with any account):

Click on the first email in the sequence. Click “edit”. Once the email comes up, click “edit content”. Now you should be in the email editor.

Find the block that looks like this:

Hover over the block, and press the small blue  star on the left hand side, which will bring up a window to name your block. Name the block appropriately (ie. Abandoned cart or browse abandon) and SAVE BLOCK. Now, you will have the option to quickly insert this block from the Saved button which looks like this:

The process is the same for both abandoned cart and browse abandonment. Simply drag and drop the saved blocks where prompted {{ abandoned cart details + image }}.  This block will populate with the
{{ event.name }} tag, which will show the product, like this:



Recommended: Text only


1st email – Trigger: When someone started checkout, with flow filter, placed order 0 times since starting this flow. Time Delay: 20 MINUTES

SL: About your order… (emoji, if applicable)


PT (only for HTML formats): Your order is ready to ship. Complete it now with a special discount!


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

(NOTE: for first names, always add a default in case you don’t have their name on file. In Klaviyo, this is done by typing {{ first_name|default:’there’ }} – ‘there’ can be changed for any word you want, ie friend etc).

It looks like you got distracted just before completing your purchase  insert {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} as the link. OR use {{ event.Items.0 }}

Saved block with {{ abandoned cart details + image }}

Trust me, we know life is busy…

But you’re so close to getting a super awesome (insert what they are about to get, dog toy, product, etc), we simply couldn’t watch you miss out!

Here’s three reasons you should purchase now:


We’ll ship your favorite products straight to your door without charging you a dime! (or other unique benefit – do not state this if you charge shipping!)


So if you don’t like what you ordered, we’ll take it back.

No questions asked, no hassles, no hoops to jump through…

and we will cover the return shipping!

(If you don’t offer returns, exchange this with something else)

  1. You can get 10% OFF your {{ product name }} when you complete your order! insert link for
    {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}

Enter the discount at checkout before your coupon expires:

YOURCODE10 – insert link for {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} and create a unique code in shopify


Talk to you soon,

The “Your Brand” Team You can also use the {{ organization.name }} tag

Saved block with {{ abandoned cart details + image }}


– Your order is important to us, we’ll make sure it’s of the highest quality

– Secure checkout ensured

– If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team!


2nd email – Time Delay: 12 hours after first email


SL: Is everything okay {{ first_name|default:’there’ }}?


PT (only for HTML formats): We noticed something strange happened to your order!


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

We noticed you tried to order our product name /  {{ event.Items.0 }}, but it seems like our shopping cart may have been messed up…

That’s really strange, and we’re sorry!

If something happened during checkout, let us know and we’ll fix it right away!

Or maybe something else got in the way?

No worries, we all get distracted… even if there is an awesome deal waiting for you.

Luckily, it’s easy for you to pick up right where you left off…

no need to refill any forms or go back to our store.

Simply go here and it’ll take you straight to checkout. insert link for {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}

The process is super simple, lightning fast, and completely secure!

And don’t forget, you can save an extra 10% with the discount YOURCODE10 – insert link for {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}

Just enter the code during checkout insert link for {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}

Happy Shopping,

The {{ organization.name }} Team

{{ abandoned cart details + image }}


P.S. If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by just replying to this email!


3rd email – Time delay: 24 hours after 2nd email


SL: Last chance before your coupon is gone forever!


PT (only for HTML formats): You only have a few hours left to get your order at a discounted price.


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

This is (your name), the owner of {{ organization.name }}

I noticed you still have one of our product name /  {{ event.Items.0 }} in your cart, waiting to be shipped out to you…

And you haven’t used your coupon to complete your order!?

Did you miss it?

Here it is again, use it at checkout to take 10% off your purchase:

YOURCODE10 insert link for {{ event.extra.checkout_url }}

By the way {{ first_name|default:’friend’ }}, good things don’t always come to those who wait…

Because this coupon will expire in just a few hours!

And if you were wondering, yes we still offer free shipping straight to your door (or other unique benefit, or try to resolve any common doubts that your customers might be facing, but its probably a trust issue!)

Simply click here, and you’ll return straight to our secure checkout process right where you left off. Just make sure you don’t forget your coupon!

And as I said, this is (your name), the owner here, so if you have any questions at all,

Just hit reply to this email, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

{{ abandoned cart details + image }}


Talk to you soon,

(your name)
Owner at {{ organization.name }}

– Your order is important to us, we’ll make sure it’s of the highest quality

– Secure checkout ensured

– If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team!






Recommended: Drag and Drop HTML Format

*You need to make sure that Web Tracking is enabled in order for this flow to work properly. Make sure you watch the video on the welcome series and browse abandonment flow – including how to set up an email capture, and web tracking*


1st email Trigger: Viewed Product, and flow filters = Checkout Startedzero times since starting this flow AND Placed Order zero times since starting this flow AND has not been in this flow for 5 days.

Time Delay: 2 hours


SL : {{ event.Name }} was made for you, don’t you agree?


PT: Imagine yourself using {{ event.Name }},  wouldn’t it be amazing?


Saved block with {{ abandoned cart details + image }}

Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

Thanks for stopping by!

My system told me you were just looking at our {{ event.Name }}, and I gotta say… For {{ event.Name }} tags (and all browse abandon email links), insert {{ event.URL }} as the link

…I think it was made just for you!

Don’t you agree?

Our {{ event.Name }} has been getting a ton of love from our customers.

Which is both a good AND a terrible thing.

While we love that our customers are so happy ordering it, the stock is going so quickly we might not have one left for you!

And that’s a shame, since it seems like a match made in heaven.

Anyway, we just wanted to say that you deserve to treat yourself.

So, here’s a link back to your beloved {{ event.Name }}!

…before we run out!

Saved block with {{ abandoned cart details + image }}

#BUTTON# GET MY {{ event.Name }} NOW #BUTTON#

All the best,

The “Your Brand” Team

P.S. If you’re even slightly curious about trying our product…

We offer a no hassle refund policy, so you can send it back if you’re not satisfied.

There’s absolutely no risk, go treat yourself and try it out!


2nd email -Time Delay: 1 day after 1st email


SL: Sometimes it SUCKS to be right


PT: Your {{ event.Name }} is running out of stock…


Saved block with {{ abandoned cart details + image }}

Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

A few days ago you checked out our best-selling {{ event.Name }}, remember?

Well, we sent you an email warning that it’s super popular and flying off the shelves…

…we warned you that you might even miss out.

And {{ first_name|default:’friend’ }}, unfortunately we seem to be right.

(which sucks in this case)

BUT, it’s not too late yet friend.

We do have some {{ event.Name }} left…

And since you showed interest in it, we figured we’d offer it to you first.

Go to the link below before it turns to a “sold out” page,

And we’ll even give you 10% off your order using the code:


Apply it at checkout to save on your order.

{{ browse abandon info }}


P.S. If you need help with anything else, just hit reply and I’ll get you sorted ASAP!




Recommended: Text only

1st email – Trigger: someone subscribes to your newsletter. Flow Filters: Hasn’t added a product to their cart or made a purchase since starting the flow

*email capture must be set up in order for this flow to function properly – please refer to the welcome series video for instruction*


SL: A welcome gift for you!


PT: Welcome to the “brand name” team! Here’s a special gift.


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

Congratulations on joining our email list and unlocking your FREE discount!

Simply enter your special discount at brand name link to homepage URL

and SAVE 10% on your first purchase! (make sure this is congruent with the email capture on your store)




Here’s why should you buy one of our awesome products TODAY:


We’ll ship your favorite products straight to your door without charging you a dime! (or other unique benefit)


This can be something simple like you are the authority within your niche, or any other special aspect of your store.



At checkout use:



Take care,

The “your brand” Team

If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team (just hit reply to this email)!


2nd email – 12 hours after the 1st email


SL: REMINDER: Here’s your top secret code!


PT: Use it soon before it’s gone for good.


Hey {{ first_name|default:‘there’ }},

We know life is full of distraction, but whatever you do…

DON’T miss out on this awesome deal!


You’ve unlocked a special 10% discount for anything in our store – you choose.

Simply enter it at checkout and enjoy!



Expires In Just 36 Hours!


This special 10% coupon will work on any product from our store…

So, what are you waiting for?

At checkout use:


Which expires in 36 Hours!

All the best,

The “your brand” Team

P.S We want to make sure you have an amazing customer experience and world-class support…

so, hit reply if you need anything!


3rd email: 24 hours after 2nd email


SL: Your discount will be GONE in 12 hours {{ first_name|default:’ ‘ }}}…


PH: Grab your exclusive savings before they go in the trash.


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

Sometimes, even the best stuff slips us by…

…the world’s just so full of distraction, it’s hard to keep up!

Not to worry, we got your back.

Here’s a reminder to use your exclusive discount before it expires in just 12 hours!

Simply enter your special discount code at checkout and SAVE 10% on your purchase:




Here’s why should you buy one of our awesome products TODAY:


We’ll ship your favorite products straight to your door without charging you a dime! (or other unique benefit)


This can be something simple like you are the “go-to” place for your niche, or any other special aspect of your store.



This is seriously your last chance to get that special something you had your eye on for a super low price…

so take advantage by using your coupon code:



Take care,

The ‘your brand’ team

P.S. We only give out these special coupons to our mailing list, so it’s your only chance to get your storewide discount! Make sure you use it within the next few hours.




#4. Post Purchase
Recommended: Text only


1st email – sent immediately after customer makes a purchase, total purchases = 1


Note: you can send this email from “Your name” from “your brand” to try to increase opens. For example, I’d change the from name to ‘Chris from Amazon’ rather than just ‘Amazon’


SL: Welcome to the family, {{ first_name|default:’there’ }}!


PT: Congrats on joining the “your brand” family, here’s what you have in store for you!


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

I am one of the owners here at “your brand”, and I wanted to take a second to say hello & welcome to our family.

You’re super important to our success, and I wanted to show you how grateful I am.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible, and giving you competitive pricing PLUS quality merchandise for all your day to day shopping needs…

so I know that you are going to love your new product.

Here’s what you can expect from us now that you’re on our purchasing list:

We’ll send you exciting new deals every time they come up…

Weekly sales, holiday promotions – you’ll get all the best stuff!

You will also be the first to know about brand new products & we’ll send the occasional gift from time to time.

Sound fair?

Here’s what we need to ensure you get all that exciting stuff:

**Important — Whitelist and prioritize all email from ‘your brand’**

This is how we’ll reach you with your updates on products, promotions & more exciting stuff.

It’s quick and simple. Here’s how:

Step 1

If you are a Gmail user or any other free email service, “drag” our emails into your ‘main’ email folder.

Step 2

Set up a special ‘your brand’ folder! Simply move each email over manually after you’re done with them. This will help you get our emails straight to your main inbox, and keep your inbox organized!

Step 3

Follow us on Instagram *or Facebook* (This is where we’ll be posting most of the good stuff outside of email so you can stay up to date).

If you do these steps, you’ll get all our best stuff straight to your inbox!

Talk soon,

The ‘your brand’ team

P.S. Tomorrow we’re going to be sending you a secret ‘customer loyalty’ discount code for future purchases – just to say thanks!

Watch your inbox for it, we’ll speak to you soon.



2nd email – 24 hours after 1st email


SL: I’m keeping my promise


PH: Here’s your gift {{ first_name|default:’friend ‘ }}, you deserve it!


Hey {{ first_name|default:’there’ }},

Yesterday I sent you an email basically describing how amazing you are…

(if you didn’t see it, you’d be flattered!)

Anyway, I promised to send you a special discount code for joining our exclusive family, and I’m keeping my promise!

Your code is:


Simply apply it at the checkout anytime, and you’ll save 15% on your order!

Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, send it to a friend to get them their first order at a super low price.

Just remember that the code can only be used once.

Whichever way you choose to use it, we hope to see you around soon!

Take care,

The ‘your brand’ team



#5. Post-Delivery
Recommended: Text only

For this flow, I will not provide the specific copy, but a few ideas on what you could implement, and some tips on how to implement this.



  • Check in to make sure everything is okay with their order – ask for a review
  • If the product is a consumable, remind them to buy more – offer a customer loyalty discount for any future purchases
  • Cross-sell any complimentary products that would enhance the use of the product they already have – now that they have seen the quality of the first purchase, they are more trusting to spend more money with you
  • Ask them to follow your social medias
  • Give them the chance to sign up for a referral program, where they can make money, or provide discounts to their friends and family (see the app Refersion)
  • Provide additional instructions on their product, and any tips on how to maximize their use of it
  • answer any questions, or invite them to ask any questions they they may have, providing easy access to customer support channels



  • Text only works best for the personal touch, but a cross-sell or up-sel might perform better with a drag and drop HTML format email – you can utilize photos and images, and links directly to the products that you want them to purchase
  • provide direct checkout links, using the Buy Button feature from Shopify – instructions here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/details/checkout-link
  • Send this email as ‘Chris from Amazon’ and introduce yourself as the owner. Let them know that they can contact you personally if need be
  • check out the integration with AfterShip – you can actually schedule the email to delivery ONLY once the tracking number has been marked as delivered to ensure they don’t get the email prematurely.
  • Write the email as if you were actually going to call one of your customers to ask them about their purchase.

SMS Flows

Hi First name×! it’s John from Store name×


Great news! I asked our manager if there are any discounts available for you..


Click this link to get 10% OFF: Abandoned checkout url× Reply STOP to opt out




Store name×: Hey First name×, did you get your 10% off?


The code will expire soon use this Discount Code× to get 10% off.


Discount Expires Today: Abandoned checkout url×


STOP to opt out